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Questions to ask yourself in 2012:



What SIZE will they be?


Plastic surgeons here at the Palm Harbor Plastic Surgery Centre, who performs breast augmentation, say that we take size into very careful consideration. “We take lots of measurements. Not only do we look at the standard measurements that everyone takes, but we also really look at the breast and examine the overall appearance.”


What IMPLANT TYPE do I want?


There is also the consideration of type of implant, which will affect both the price and the end result. Dr. Laufer, Dr. Ross and Dr Buck use four types of implants today, explaining the differences between them all:


1. Saline – This is the most basic form of implant and costs the least. Saline is basically salt water and one advantage is we know that it’s safe. Dr. Laufer says they can leak though, and the implants will lose their volume.

2. Silicone – The silicone gel breast implant is the most commonly used. We know that silicone is safe as well and in the opinions of many, it feels the most natural. Silicone implants also tend to be a bit more costly than saline.

3. Cohesive Gel – Often known as the Gummy Bear implant, this new prosthesis is still undergoing FDA testing. It is a type of silicone but is thicker than the traditional silicone implant. It carries a still higher cost, outpricing the silicone by more than $1000 on average.

4. Fat Transfer – Fat removed via liposuction is processed and then injected into the breast for a natural, implant free option. Dr. Ross says that this is best reserved for patients needing a small implant, or for the repair of small defects. Because of the combination of procedures, fat transfer costs the most out of all four options.




Patients also must decide if they prefer having the breast implant placed above or below the chest muscle. If the implant is placed above the muscle, there is more of a chance that it will be noticed and rippling is more obvious. On the other hand, recovery is often quicker and less painful because there is less muscle involvement. Placing the implant completely under the muscle lowers the risk of capsular contracture and is better camouflaged.


Why would I choose anyone other than PALM HARBOR PLASTIC SURGERY CENTRE’S surgeons who are the best in Tampa Bay?


Our physicians (Drs. Laufer, Ross and Buck) are members of the American Society of Plastic Surgeons and members of The American Society for Aesthetic Plastic Surgery. Talk closely with your doctor about your desired results to get the most out of your surgery. Ask questions and research the options so the two of you can decide on the best plan for your needs. “There are a lot of little subtleties that make all the difference in the world,” says Dr. Laufer, Dr. Ross and Dr. Buck. Our goal is to transform your inner beauty into outer radiance! Call today 727-789-5711.   We are taking appointments on the phone the week of December 26th through the 30th for 2010 New Year bookings! WWW.BODYRESHAPING.COM

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Gift Face with Ad Copy Text

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Want to make everyone jealous at how gorgeous you look at your holiday party?!


Stop and do something nice for yourself this holiday season.


We offer the latest in fillers and most can be scheduled on your lunch break!


Fillers are a fast, safe, nonsurgical way to reduce the appearance of facial lines and wrinkles.


The procedure is performed in our office. Specifically, you can smooth facial lines, wrinkles and scars, and also enhance the lip border in just one treatment session, and see immediate, visible results!


Also consider the use of your own fat! We can harvest a small amount of your tummy fat and re-inject it into your lips or other facial lines for a beautiful contour and enhancement.


Remember, the fat is a graft and some of the fat may not last. At least some of the fat graft should take and has the potential to be permanent. The advantages of fat injections are:


• It's your own tissue, therefore rejection or loss of the tissue is rare.

• The procedure can be done under a local or mild sedation.

• The results are evident immediately and should last for many years to come.

• The recovery is rapid. Some swelling and a light bruise may occur.

• Return to work the next day.


Call us today and ask about our

Holiday 2011 Dysport Promotion!



Time is running out! Don’t waste it or let it catch up on your face! Sometimes a little filler and a relaxing facial from our medi spa is that special touch you need to boost your confidence sky high!





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Q. What is liposuction?

A. Liposuction is a technique of removal of fatty tissue from the skin.  It has been a known plastic surgery procedure for many years.  There are many techniques used today.  The original technique of liposuction involved the injection of saline fluid and local anesthesia into the fatty compartment and allowing it to dwell.  The surgeon then places a thin canula or tube under the skin through a small incision and a vacuum is used to suction the fatty tissue out.  This technique is called tumescent liposuciton.  Another technique called ultrasound liposuction came along and it is involved in using heat to melt the fat cells and then suctioning out the fatty oils.  This is not used much today.  Another technique that is new is called:  Smart Lipo.  This is a laser probe that goes under the skin and breaks the fat cells open.  The contents of the fat cells are then removed or allowed to become absorbed by the body. 

Q. Who is a good candidate for liposuction?

A. Each patient can be assessed to see if they meet the criteria.  The patient must be healthy and under 60 years of age.  The skin should have good tone and texture.  The patient must be in good overall health and be able to drink plenty of fluids after the procedure.  Time for recovery is needed also.

Q. What are the risks associated with liposuction surgery?

A. There are risks associated with all surgery procedures.  The main risks involve fluid shifts in the body and possibility of dehydration and electrolyte disorders. 

Q. What technique will the surgeon use to perform the liposuction?

A. The technique the surgeon chooses depends on the equipment available and the training of that particular surgeon. 

Q. How long is the recovery period? 

A. The initial recovery period is usually about one week.  After the first week most patients can return to work and perform their daily activities.  The results after liposuction do not become evident for many months.  This is due to swelling of the tissues.  Patients are instructed to wear a tight compression garment for many weeks after the procedure. 

Q. Are the results of liposuction permanent? 

A. Yes the results are permanent.  The patient is born with a finite amount of fat cells and by removing some of the fatty tissue, the results are permanent. 

Q. How much does liposuction surgery cost?

A. The cost depends on the amount of fat to be removed and the time it takes to perform the procedure.  A typical patient has 2-3 areas of liposuction done at one time.  The cost range is:  $3000-6000.


Call us today for a free consultation. 727 789 5711


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